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The first store of M+Café, which focuses on healthy light food, is located on the first floor of Grand Summit at No.5 Vanke Park, near Chaoyang Park. The exquisite dining space combines coffee and light food. Every dish without borders is amazing. Rest assure to eat the burgers here even for children due to the carefully selected quality ingredients; Vegetarians also have plenty of choices for delicious foods; In addition, its spacious back area is a favorite of fashion magazines and TV shows, many of which are featured on TV.

The second store of M+café is located on the first floor of the Liangmaqiao Diplomatic Residence Club, in the famous third embassy district. This exquisite space is full of evocative details, with a retro-style that spans time and space. There is a variety of borderless cuisines including authentic Italian thin skin PIZZA, as well as Chiang Mai green curry beef and sautéed pork belly with pocket cakes. The handmade Japanese cow cake rolls attract countless diners, and the taste is smooth and sweet, so it is worthy to the lovers who would come a long way to have one bite of this food.

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